Hit-It!: e-commerce checkout systems integrated with the blockchain

The blockchain brings remarkable new functionality to many areas including banking, equity trading, remittance, and even e-commerce. Hit-it! enables remarkable new e-commerce checkout solutions that yield functionality heretofore not possible.


What is Hit-It!?

Hit-it! includes blockchain based payment systems that may be deployed by merchants to bring about new kinds of e-commerce transactions. In particular a most important function is a single-click complete checkout system that merchants may deploy directly within advertisements on foreign hosted websites. Never before have merchants been able to complete sales on websites disconnected from their e-commerce site.

Other important functions are described here: Hit-It! Functions


Who can use Hit-It!

Anyone can use Hit-It! - if they use a Hit-It! enabled cryptocurrency wallet. Many types of cryptocurrency wallets are presently being built by young entrepreneurs and new star-up companies to make using Bitcoin easy. Each of these wallets can be made to respond to the Hit-It! system with great ease. Minor modifications and a local registration makes a wallet fully responsive to the hitit: URI scheme. A typical engineer will need to work less than one day (8 hours) to convert any bitcoin wallet into a Hit-It! enabled wallet.


Can I try Hit-It!?

Sure! We'd love you to try it. Presently windows users and Android smartphone users can download our test wallets. iPhone is coming soon. 1) Download/install a Hit-It! enabled wallet; 2) set up a shipping profile; 3) put a little Bitcoin in; and 4) go shopping!


How do I use Hit-It! with my e-commerce store?

Just go to our merchant pages to register and we will help you integrate Hit-It! with your e-commerce strategies right away. Start immediately by selling your products on blog sites, news aggregators, social media sites, just about anywhere on the web. You are no longer restricted to conduct sales on your site's checkout page – you can do it from anywhere on the web.


Can I use Hit-It! to make money if I am not a merchant?

Yes! Join the affiliate programs of our Hit-It! merchants and you will be automatically paid in real-time for all sales made via your well-placed advertisements. Just create some ads and get them on good websites. You start making money right away when customers buy things. And the best part is: you are paid instantly! Couldn't be easier.

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